“Dr. Dew has compiled a compendium of ‘pearls’ and practical medical pointers gleaned from thirty years of patient care. This book is a major step toward restoring the much needed balance between the art and the science of medicine while emphasizing the necessary linkage of good bedside manner with clinical excellence. This should be required reading for senior medical students and residents.”

Howard Horn, MD, FACC, FACP, FAHA
The L.W. Diggs Alumni Professor of Medicine/Cardiology and Chair of Excellence in   
Medicine Emeritus
Formerly Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

“Dr. Dew has pointed us to the basic values that drew us to medicine in the first place—caring for patients and putting their needs first in the process. This book reminds us why we came to medicine and how we can more fully enjoy its practice.”

Waid Shelton, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Dr. Dew’s reflections are a wonderful read for insights of caring with competence that have made the doctor-patient relationship such a rewarding partnership. This thoughtful book provides lessons of great value for health professionals and brings focus to the true calling of medicine.”

Joseph Florence, MD
Professor, Director of Rural Programs
Department of Family Medicine
James H. Quillen College of Medicine

“Dr. Dew is the sort of physician Norman Rockwell would have chosen as a model for his painting of a caring doctor. He tells from the platform of personal experience that along with the need for science and technology, the practice of medicine remains a deeply personal affair between a patient and their physician and requires a human touch.”
Ronald Lands, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine
University of Tennessee, Knoxville