Dr. Richard Dew practiced family medicine for twenty-three years.  At that time he felt a need to change paths.  A growing number of primary care physicians were opting to practice totally in their offices and were no longer seeing patients in the hospital. Having read about a new type of medical specialist called a Hospitalist– who works entirely in the hospital – caring for those office-based doctors’ patients who need hospitalization, he began the first hospitalist program in Tennessee and directed it for ten years.  Dr. Dew currently serves as the volunteer medical director in a community health clinic for the uninsured.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Dew is a prolific writer. His first book, a widely acclaimed book of poetry, Rachel’s Cry, led to other books: Tunnel of Light, The Other Side of Silence, and Medicine with a Human Touch.  His newest work, When Sorrow Comes, will be available soon.

Dr. Dew has written and lectured extensively on coping with grief and loss.